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The Dome Spa Retreat was opened in January 1998 by Meaghan South, a pioneer in the Australian Spa Industry.

It was inspired by and modeled on the luxurious spas in Asia at the time.

In 1998, we were definitely the ‘new kids on the block’, and the only dedicated Day Spa in the CBD.

Locals, who accounted for 80 percent of the Dome Spa Retreat’s business in the early days and still today, eagerly embraced the concept of an inner-city holistic health and beauty haven, as repeat business has figured prominently in the steadily increasingly turnover.

We look and listen to our guests and take a moment to think “What does this human being need from us today and how can we best serve you?”

That’s how we want you to feel, like a human being not a human doing. Some people just want to be nurtured while others may have a back that needs special care or a skincare concern they want to address. We offer both relaxing and therapeutic treatments.

“Busyness is a delusional way to success” it only leads to burnout. It is imperative that you prioritise your well-being, to improve your decision-making, creativity, and productivity.

“Taking quality time out in the hands of experienced professionals, is one way to maintain wellness and harmony”

See the spa promotions that we have on offer in celebration of our 20th birthday.