Aroma-Exfoliation and Vichy Rain Shower

Our Vichy Shower has six adjustable shower jets to caress your body under an invigorating waterfall. Your therapist adjusts the pattern, placement and temperature of the jets to achieve whole-body water massage treatment.

Aroma-Exfoliation and VICHY Rain Shower

Including a full body exfoliation with your choice of Relax, De-Stress or Energise blends to restore balance and leave the skin silky smooth.

Combining mineral and sea salts with soothing and de-stressing essential oil blends to polish away dry dead skin cells. Finish with a stimulating VICHY rain shower and application of a customised nourishing formula for your skin.

The effect of so much water movement on your skin is to increase the blood circulation, sooth the nervous system and hydrate the skin, enabling your body to balance, and your muscles to relax.

Considering you’re already here, why not give yourself an extra 30 or 60 minutes to enhance your relaxation by adding one of our treatment enhancers or even a facial or massage.

Receive more from your treatment by adding one or more of our Treatment Enhancers.