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Ligne Sevactive – dry skin line Ligne Lavandou – sensitive line Ligne Fondamentale – combination line Ligne Purilys – oily line Ligne Power Repair – power repair line Ligne Homme – spa care for Him

Ligne Sevactive – dry skin line

An effective program of skincare that provides your skin with immediate nourishment and protection. Ligne sevactive rebuilds your skin’s natural hydrolipidic film, leaving your skin soft and fresh. Hydrate and age-defy with:

  • pear seed extract;
  • royal jelly;
  • microemulsified Vitamin A, E & C; and
  • hyaluronic acid.

Your complexion is rendered visibly rejuvenated with increased suppleness and elasticity. In-spa upgrades Ampoule-vitaminic concentrate or for mature skin, escutox treatment. Back to top

Ligne Lavandou – sensitive line

Calm and control your sensitive skin. Ultra-gentle healing elements such as:

  • propolis;
  • shea butter;
  • isabolol; and
  • allantoin.

Chamomile and neroli oil, alleviate and correct your skin’s blotchiness and irritability. It gently sooths and properly desensitises your skin. In-spa upgrades Ampoule-propolis concentrate Back to top

Ligne Fondamentale – combination line

Balance and hydrate your skin with a combination of precise ingredients including:

  • Grapefruit extract;
  • lactic acid arnica;
  • rosemary extract; and
  • lemon grass oil.

Recovering perfect synergy, your skin reflects a wonderfully balanced and even appearance. In-spa upgrades Deep pore cleansing Back to top

Ligne Purilys – oily line

Reveal a flawless complexion free of oiliness and clogged pores. Precisely selected natural extracts in light-textured, non-greasy formulations such as:

  • lemon extract;
  • lactic acid;
  • aloe;
  • vitamin b complexe; and
  • geranium essential oil.

These ingredients unite to ensure a shine-free and refined complexion. In-spa upgrades Deep pore cleansing Back to top

Ligne Power Repair – power repair line

The first visible signs of aging occur on your skin. Provide your skin with an effective youth-prolonging system to strengthen, smooth and rejuvenate. Embrace a potent anti-aging program with:

  • marine collagen;
  • marine elastin;
  • marine d.n.a.;
  • hydraluronic acid; and
  • micro-emulsified vitamins.

Prevent visible repair lines and wrinkles, while counteracting premature aging. Reap the benefits of reclaiming and maintaining your skin’s youthfulness. In-spa upgrades Smoothing lip therapy Revitalizing eye therapy Back to top

Ligne Homme – spa care for Him

An active lifestyle, daily skin aggression (i.e. shaving, photo-damage) and the absence of a skincare program, can quickly take their toll on your skin. Integrate a simple yet effective regime to visibly preserve a youthful recharged appearance. Empower your skin to fight the aging process while preventing razor-burn and sensitivity. Select photo-extracts and anti-aging elements such as:

  • caviar extract;
  • portulacca;
  • green tea;
  • ginkgo biloba;
  • vitamin C & E; and
  • arnica.

In-spa upgrades Conditioning scalp treatment Deep pore cleansing Back to top