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Pevonia Botanica

Journey into the world of Pevonia Botanica at the Dome Spa Retreat. Pevonia Botanica is an elite care range carefully selected by the Dome Spa Retreat. It is the primary choice for prestigious spas around the world. You have specific skin care needs that only a qualified spa care professional can recognise. Pevonia provides effective skincare solutions for women and men of every age. Pevonia Botanica offers you a full line of skin care products containing only finest botanical ingredients. Products contain the most effective, natural source ingredients incorporated within technologically advanced formulas. Pevonia Botanica, married with The Dome Retreat’s ‘wellness’ philosophy (and 5* star service) delivers an unsurpassed spa experience.

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An affinity with nature

Pevonia Botanica maintains an harmonious balance with precious resources and refrains from animal testing. Products are free of:

  • artificial fragrance
  • colour
  • alcohol
  • mineral oil
  • lanolin; and
  • parabens

Pevonia Botanica uses only organically grown products and is a member of The Organic Trade Association.




Artisans in the field of Aromatherapy; our founders’ vision has remained unchanged for a generation. A simple pursuit – sharing the true power of essential oils and the incredible effects they have at a therapeutic level. Our core range of mind altering essences has become a phenomenon in the beauty world, much applauded and we are recognised as leaders in our field. Combining expertly blended essential oils with our unique active botanicals has led to remarkable innovations in skincare. The result; beautiful, glowing, healthy skin free from harsh chemicals and unnecessary synthetics.

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